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"Simplified & Streamlined: Your Path to ADHD Testing

Simple ADHD Testing offers fast ADHD testing online or at our partnered clinics. All that's required is a referral and an order from a mental health or medical professional. Dedicated exclusively to testing, we ensure results are sent within 24-48 business hours.

Why Choose Us?

Simplified Process To Get ADHD Testing 

Simple ADHD Testing streamlines the process for fast ADHD testing, available online or at our partnered clinics. Just obtain a referral or order from a mental health or medical provider then take our specialized ADHD test and we will send your results directly to your provider.

FDA Cleared ADHD Testing

Our specialized ADHD Testing utilizes an FDA-cleared, computer-based test that measures the core symptoms associated with ADHD, including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention/distractibility.

In-Person or Online ADHD Testing

We utilize highly reliable and effective Computerized Continuous Performance Tests (CPT) that can be completed in-person or entirely online from the comfort of your home. Our tests are specifically designed and approved for diagnosing ADHD.

Reports Sent Directly To Your Mental Health Provider

Receive your ADHD test results quickly—delivered to your provider within 24-48 business hours to assist in addressing your potential ADHD needs effectively.


Specializing exclusively in ADHD testing, our services are streamlined for speed and ease, offering both in-office and online options, with results promptly sent to your provider for interpretation.

In Office: ADHD Testing

FDA Cleared ADHD Testing at One of our Partner Locations

Online: ADHD Testing

FDA Cleared ADHD Testing Online. Take at Home.


Testing Fee: $200

What it includes:

  • In-Office Computer-Based ADHD Test or Online Computer-Based ADHD Test

  • Easy-to-interpret results broken down by norms for your provider to understand the data

  • Reports sent directly to the provider for interpretation within 24-48 business hours

Currently, we are not in-network with any insurance providers and, therefore, do not accept any insurance plans. However, we accept all major forms of payment.

The Testing Process


Step 1: Click on "Schedule Your Test" To Complete Initial Form(s)

Please note, if you were seen and referred by a provider at one of our Affiliate Offices, skip to Step 4. You must still complete Step 1 by filling out our Initial Form(s).

Affiliate Offices:

  • Renewed Mental Health Group

  • Orange Coast Psychiatry


Step 2: Obtain Referral and Order for ADHD Testing from your Mental Health Provider or Primary Care Provider.


You may either:

1. Use our blank referral form to have your provider complete (copy under forms section below) or;

2. Request that your provider visit our website and complete our "Online Referral Form (For Providers) or;

3. Have your provider complete a referral form on their letter head using instructions detailed In our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.


Step 3: Send us your completed


You may either:

1. Upload Completed Referral Form using our "Upload Completed Form Button" or;

2. Email us at or;

Please note: if your provider completed our form online or you were referred by one of our affiliate offices, we will automatically receive your referral form.


Step 4: We will call or email you to schedule Your Testing Appointment and then you will take your ADHD Test either online or in our affiliated offices.


Step 6: We Send Results Directly to your Provider

Get Started Today!

Download & Upload Forms

Upload Completed Referral Form or Letter

To proceed with the ADHD testing process, please email us at or upload a completed referral form or a detailed referral letter from your mental health or healthcare professional here using the button below.


This form/letter will enable us to conduct the necessary ADHD assessments tailored to your needs.

Download Blank Referral Form 

Download our referral form and send to your provider or print it out to have your provider complete. This form has been specifically designed to capture all necessary information in a structured format for your convenience.

Complete Our Online Referral Form (For Providers)

Patients may send this link to their providers or providers may come here directly to complete our online referral form. 

Password (case sensitive): Simple

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADHD?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common neurological disorder which affects 3-7% of all school aged children. It is a disorder where 30-50% of these children continue to have symptoms into adulthood.

What are common ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents?

Common Symptoms for Children & Adolescents include:

  • Having difficulty maintain focus on one task

  • Not seeming to listen when spoken to

  • Struggling to follow instructions

  • Forgetting to bring home or turn in assignments

  • Difficulty engaging in quiet activities

What are common ADHD symptoms in adults?

Common Symptoms for Adults include:

  • Problems with organization and planning

  • Difficulty paying attention

  • Difficulty initiating and completing tasks

  • Misplacing or losing items

What do I need to do to get ADHD testing? What needs to be on the referral?


All you need is a referral from your California licensed mental health or medical healthcare professional.

To facilitate the referral process for ADHD testing services at Simple ADHD Testing, we offer two convenient options:

Option 1: Use our referral form, which is available on our website and attached to this document. This form has been specifically designed to capture all necessary information in a structured format for your convenience.

Option 2: Submit a written letter or referral and order directly. If you choose this option, please ensure that the written referral and order includes the following essential information on a company letterhead:

  • Full name and contact details of the referring professional.

  • Your full name and date of birth.

  • A clear statement indicating the need for ADHD testing.

  • Any relevant clinical observations or initial symptom evaluations.

  • The date of the referral and the provider's signature.

These options are designed to ensure that all necessary details are provided to confirm the appropriateness of ADHD testing for your specific situation and to verify that your initial symptoms have been professionally assessed.

Who is qualified to write the referral and order?

Referrals and orders for ADHD testing can be provided by a range of qualified healthcare professionals who are licensed in California and to practice in their respective fields.


Examples include: psychiatrists, psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, primary care providers (PCPs), family medicine physicians, medical doctor, pediatricians, neurologists,  licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), etc. These professionals have the expertise to assess ADHD symptoms and make the appropriate referrals for testing.

How much do your ADHD tests cost?

Testing Fee: $200

What it includes:

  • In-Office or Online ADHD Computer Based Test

  • Results sent directly to provider to interpret within 24-48 business hours

Can I use my insurance to cover the cost of the ADHD test?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process insurance payments for the ADHD test, as we are not currently in-network with any insurance providers and do not accept insurance plans. However, we do accept all major forms of payment for your convenience such as Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, HSA, and many more.

Our Why

At Simple ADHD Testing, we make getting an ADHD test easy. We started this service to offer a straightforward way to ADHD testing, inspired by our own experiences. Our goal is to help you get the testing you need without the usual hassle.

Our Simplified Process

Our service is designed to be direct and efficient, allowing for quick and easy ADHD assessments that can be completed either online or in person, based on your preference. With just a referral from your mental health or healthcare provider, you can get tested, and we will send the results directly to your provider.

Our Difference

At Simple ADHD Testing, we're dedicated to offering a service that's not just fast and precise, but also caring and mindful of the struggles in getting ADHD assessments. We aim to make a positive impact by making the testing process easier for those seeking support for their ADHD.

Schedule Your ADHD Test Today

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